Feex enables custodians and advisors transition to the post-DOL fiduciary era.

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The Facts

401(k) rollovers every year 1
of total IRA assets originate from 401(k) rollovers 2
of rollovers are attributed to financial advisor advice 2
Approx. expected growth in rollover market due to availability of automated rollover software 3

When the new DOL rule goes into effect, advisors will need to use technology to quickly assess retirement accounts and its alternatives.

"Innovation in new advice business models, including technology-driven models, may be accelerated, and nudged away from conflicts and toward transparency, thereby promoting healthy competition in the fiduciary advice market"
1: DOL; 2: ICI; 3: FeeX estimation

Our white label solutions utilize our proprietary alternative investment algorithms and ever-growing database of fee disclosures.

FeeX for Custodians

White label retirement accounts analysis platform
Fiduciary 401(k) rollover diagnostic
Fiduciary allocation advice
Fund-to-fund alternative investments
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FeeX for Advisors

Unique 401(k), IRA, and brokerage account analysis
Customizable rollover allocation fiduciary analysis
Potential customer prospecting tools
BICE document with client signatures stored locally & in cloud
401(k) sponsor prospecting tool
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DOL rule goes into effect in

(April 10th, 2017)

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