Held away account
trading and management

Manage held away accounts the way your clients really expect. FeeX's Held Away Order Management System allows advisors, for the first time ever, to manage and trade any held away account just like they do with custodied accounts.

Service highlights

New revenue & client engagement opportunities

Managing held away accounts can increase an advisor's AUM by an average of 33% while allowing you to deliver the level of service your clients expect.



Trade held away accounts just like you do with custodied accounts, all through a single interface. Instruct FeeX to communicate a sell, buy or hold order to any type of account.


The FeeX Held Away Order Management System helps you keep in compliance with various financial regulators and alleviate custody challenges on held away assets.

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Personalized analysis

Engage leads with an educational, personalized fee analysis of their investment and retirement accounts while highlighting unique insights including the use of proprietary funds, plan level fees, 12b-1 fees and more. Compare your prospects current portfolio to a similar portfolio at your firm.

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Be a disruptor

Most Americans believe their 401k's are free, and are shocked when they discover that fees can eat away ⅓ of their nest egg. Surprise 80 million households by showing them their true investment and retirement account fees.

Fully integrated and customizable

The Fee Analyzer seamlessly integrates into your CRM, boosting associates productivity when speaking with prospects. Customize any screen or text to make sure it's on brand.

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The world's largest repository of retirement plan fee disclosures

Leverage FeeX's expansive, ever growing database of retirement plan fee disclosures to compare retirement plan services and fees before recommending a rollover.


Statement processing

Stop the manual work of deciphering client's statements. Instead, send them to FeeX for an automated and accurate analysis.

Automated data collection

Save your clients time and headache by leveraging FeeX's expansive disclosure database, automated disclosure capture technology, and supporting analysis algorithms to streamline the process of collecting and analyzing client data

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Clear and objective guidance in evaluating options and opportunities for clients to retain assets in house.


Capture held away assets

Capture held away assets by encouraging participants to analyze their old 401k's when enrolling and providing a personalized consolidation comparison.

Competitive edge

Keep plan sponsors happy while staying competitive on RFP's with this service.


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