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Rolling over your old 401(k) can be a hassle. FeeX Concierge takes care of all the legwork, freeing you to think about other things.

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How does our Concierge service work?
We analyze whether you should rollover
You pick a rollover destination
We take care of the rest
For a limited time only this service is completely FREE.
What's in it for FeeX?
We have referral arrangements with some of the financial services providers. So if you open an account with one of those providers, they will compensate FeeX for referring you. For you however, FeeX is 100% free and your balance remains 100% yours.
Your gains are our gains, and we always act in your best interest.
“$25 Billion. That's the national loss to 401k fees per year.”
Business Insider, July 2012
FeeX scans these rollover destinations and recommends low-fee-options for your asset allocation:
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