The Key to Greater Retirement

Retirement accounts can grow 76% larger when actively managed by financial advisors.

FeeX enables this growth by allowing advisors to manage and trade retirement accounts as part of a holistic portfolio.

The FeeX Impact

Studies show that actively managed 401(k)'s generate 3.3% higher returns per year, net of fees, than accounts without active management. This compounding effect yields up to 76% more wealth over 20 years.

FeeX provides the technology for advisors to manage these accounts on behalf of their clients as part of their overall portfolio without taking custody of the accounts. This allows advisors and investors to work together on a personalized, holistic plan.

Feex Impact

Build More Wealth

Actively managed assets generate 3.3% higher returns per year, net of fees, than non-actively managed assets. For an investor that starts with $200,000, this can translate into an additional $401,531 over 20 years!

Holistic Wealth Planning

Your advisor can not only see, but actively trade and monitor your 401(k) assets - enabling them to implement truly holistic planning across all your investable assets.

Efficient Tax Management

Taxes can significantly impact your portfolio. Let your financial advisor balance your assets across tax deferred and taxable accounts.

Consolidated Reporting

Receive one comprehensive statement covering all of your account activity and balances.


The FeeX platform keeps you in compliance with financial regulations and alleviates custody challenges on held away assets. Additionally, the platform provides audit and supervision tracking capabilities.


FeeX is SOC 2 certified by Ernst & Young.

FeeX is a trusted solution for thousands of financial advisors and some of the largest financial institutions in the world. We have invested in our security architecture to ensure that client data is protected, and the client retains ultimate control of their accounts.

  • Secure server environment.
  • High levels of encryption on all identifiers and communication.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection for users across our system.
  • Anti-CSRF controls protect users from submitting unauthorized commands into the system.

Advisors say

Truly Holistic