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Most people are set to lose about one third of their retirement savings to fees. Reducing them is an easy way to add big money to your future savings.
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How did we calculate this?
What does FeeX do?

FeeX's mission is to make sure you keep as much of your own money as possible, instead of losing it to excessive fees. FeeX does not evaluate your investment choices or strategy. Instead, FeeX finds ways for you to invest according to your choices while paying the lowest fees available. In order to help you switch to similar low-fee alternatives, FeeX presents alternative investments with better past returns (when possible) than your original investments.

How does the loss add up to about a third of the savings?

According to the calculations shown in the study "The Retirement Savings Drain: The Hidden & Excessive Costs of 401(k)s" by Robert Hiltonsmith from Demos, an ordinary American household will pay about $154,794 over the course of their lifetime in effective total fees, which is 30.3% of the future balance that they could have at retirement without paying those fees.

Here are some of the great services we offer.

FeeX Concierge
FeeX can walk you through the necessary steps to rollover your 401k
Rollover Center
Compare the different rollover options unique to your retirement plan.
Advisor Center
Uncover the real costs of your advisory fees, and reduce both your advisor and investment fees.
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Do you have an IRA?

FeeX scans the entire market for low-fee alternatives to your current investments with similar risk and better past returns.

Do you have an old 401k?

FeeX helps you decide once and for all: optimize for low-fee investments, rollover to an IRA, or merge with your current 401k.

If you have an old 401k, our new Concierge service makes rollovers hassle-free.

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If you have an old 401k, our new Concierge service makes rollovers hassle-free.

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