Fees can eat a THIRD of your nest egg.

Not sure what those fees are? Think you don’t pay fees? Not sure what expense ratios are? Think fees don’t matter? Think “no load” means “no fees”? It's time to join FeeX!

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⅓ of Your Nest Egg is Being eaten by Fees
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Hidden IRA Fees

The FeeX Damage Meter™ will show you the percentage of your retirement savings that could be consumed by fees.
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Always Free. Always Objective.

FeeX is different. We’re not a financial firm chasing your money. We’re a community on a mission to rescue our retirements from the tyranny of excessive fees.

If there’s a portfolio in our community with lower fees that has a similar or better risk-reward profile, we’ll show it to you.

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FeeX on Countdown to the Closing Bell

It is a startup that is being called 'The Robin Hood of Fees'—protecting investors from losing as much as one third of their entire retirement funds to hidden bank and investment fees...

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FeeX launches in the U.S. to be the ‘Waze of retirement fund planning’

After Waze’s success validated the power of crowd knowledge, a startup called FeeX wants to apply it to a different problem area of our lives — retirement plans...

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Waze Co-Founder Skips Google to Try Startup World Again

...FeeX wants to bring daylight to those hidden or obscure costs and show its users cheaper alternatives for financial services...

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‘Waze for Retirement Accounts’ Launches in U.S.

FeeX...gives a breakdown of current plan fees and compares that to what others pay in fees...

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After Selling His Startup To Google For $1.1 Billion, Waze Co-Founder Is Working On Another Startup

Dubbed the 'Robin Hood Of Fees,' FeeX will analyze a user's financial data to help them understand how much they're losing in hidden fees

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IRA Fee Whistle-Blower FeeX Makes U.S. Debut

'FeeX is to meant humanize finance and make it something you understand,'

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Because hidden fees aren’t fair.

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