Worst Fee Ever: Lauren of The Write Budget

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Worst Fee Ever: Lauren of The Write Budget

What’s your Worst Fee Ever? You know, the one that, when you see it flash on a screen or sneak into your bank statement, makes you want to tear your hair out and/or scream bloody murder at the person who invented fees in the first place? Today we’re getting the worst-fee scoop from Lauren, who writes the awesome blog The Write Budget—if you want to learn how to become a minimalist by ‘letting it go’ or living out of your car, talk to this woman.

Hey Lauren—what’s your least fave fee of all time?

“For me, the worst fees are the so called “convenience fees” that you encounter when trying to make certain purchases online. I hate convenience fees because there’s simply nothing convenient about them!

There have been several times where I’ve gone to purchase concert tickets, event tickets, or even admission to places like museums, and that fee will pop up at the end of the checkout process. As someone who likes to budget things out in advance, I really don’t like having several extra dollars tacked on to my total. I’ve actually chosen not to purchase tickets in advance if the fee is really ridiculous, and instead I’ll just pay for admission when I arrive and save a few bucks.”

Do you have a fee that you really just…hate? Get it off your chest and tell FeeHacks. We’ll put your fee story on the blog!