8 Things To Do With An Extra 100 Dollars?

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8 Things To Do With An Extra 100 Dollars?

Did you end last month’s budget with an extra $100 left unspent? Or did you end up getting $100 as a birthday gift from your parents? No matter how you came across your $100, now you have to decide what to do with that 100 dollars.

Whether you’re looking to have fun or looking to be a bit more responsible with your money, here are few things you can do with that left over $100!

Fun Things To Do With An Extra 100 Dollars?

The first thing that most people think of when they have $100 is how much fun they can have with it! Here are a few fun ideas you could easily spend $100 on.

Go to the Movies

They say that experiences are a better use of money than things, so why not take your family out to a movie. Even a family of four can get into a movie for $100 and chances are you can afford some concessions as well, depending on where you live and how much movie theaters charge.


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Go Bowling

When is the last time you’ve been bowling? I bet it has been a while, but it’s still a blast. Take the family for a couple games of bowling along with some bowling alley food and drinks. Like with movie theaters, prices in bowling alleys are highly dependent on where you live, but you should be able to at least bowl one game in a typical alley.

Buy That Gadget Or Piece Of Clothing You’ve Been Eyeing

Have you been eyeing a particular gadget or piece of clothing with a price tag of $100? Go ahead and splurge to get it since you’ve been practicing delayed gratification. Of course, make sure you really want it and you haven’t been putting it off because it isn’t a good fit for you.

Head Out To Dinner

Dining out can be a nice escape from your house into a fun environment. The best part is you don’t have to plan or cook the meal. Someone else does that for you. On top of that, you don’t even have to do the dishes. Chances are you can even dine out at least twice with your newly found $100.

Responsible Things To Do With 100 Dollars

While it is fun to spend money enjoying yourself, sometimes you need to be responsible and put your money to good use. If you feel it’s time to do something productive with your money, here are a few good ideas.

Pay Off Your Debt (Highest Interest Rate First)

Paying off debt is always a winner in my book. Every dollar of debt you pay off is one less dollar you have to pay interest on. It’s also one dollar closer to debt freedom! Take your $100 and use it to pay off debt and you’ll get 100 steps closer! Just make sure to start with your highest interest rate debt to get the most bang for your buck.

Start or Bolster Your Emergency Fund

Already have your debt paid off or want to start a small emergency fund before tackling your debt? That $100 would be a nice start to a brand new emergency fund or a nice boost to one that has already been established. By putting your $100 into your emergency fund you’re saving for a rainy day so you may not have to go into debt for an unexpected emergency in the future. Sounds like a great use of $100 to me!

Invest For A Big Goal Like RetirementFeeX - Find and Reduce Your Fees

If you already have your debt under control and a fully stocked emergency fund then you’re in pretty good shape so far. Next, invest for a big goal on your radar. Whether that goal is retirement, a down payment for a new home or to pay for your next car in cash, $100 is a nice addition to any investment goal.

Make That Repair That You’ve Been Putting Off

Of course, you don’t have to put the money away for it to be spent responsibly. If you’d prefer to put that $100 to use today, try putting it toward a nagging repair you’ve needed to accomplish. Whether you need to fix a rear view mirror on your car or get a plumber to come fix your leaky sink, $100 is a nice start to paying for that repair you’ve been putting off.

If you have $100, make sure to put it to good use! Use it for fun or use it responsibly. Whatever you do, just don’t let it sit around without a purpose.

What would you do with an extra $100? I’d like to hear about your plans!


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