US Expense Ratio – By State (Infographic)

FeeX - Expense ratio 401k fees map

US Expense Ratio – By State (Infographic)

Let’s talk expense ratios, one of the biggest threats to your retirement savings. This sneaky percentage, which represents the fee that a fund manager takes as their cost for managing the fund, is taken out of your investment earnings before you even see it. Hard to care too much about a fee that isn’t very visible, right?

But expense ratios take a percentage of the total assets invested in a fund, meaning that over time, the more money you put into your portfolio, the more gets taken out. If you’ve got high expense ratio fees, that can mean serious trouble for your savings.

We checked out our database and broke down expense ratio fees by state, so you can see what people are paying across the USA. How does your state stack up?

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