The Top 10 Best Places To Retire

10 best places to retire

The Top 10 Best Places To Retire

I’ve seen plenty of top 10 best places to retire lists over the last few years. They all mention specific places and they never pick the same places two years in a row.

That makes you wonder, why move to one of these places if they change every year? Instead of offering a list of random cities, here are 10 places you might want to retire and actually stay in for your whole retirement.

1) Where You Live Now

There’s a lot going for retiring wherever you currently live. Chances are, you’ve lived there for a while. You know the neighbors, the community, your friends and your favorite places to eat or hang out. Why give up all of these wonderful things just because you’re retired? If it makes financial sense and you enjoy where you live now, why not retire there?

2) Where Your Friends Live

If you don’t currently live where most of your friends live, you might want to consider moving there. Why? Chances are you’ll want to spend a lot of time visiting with your friends in retirement. If they live far away, you will either be paying a lot of money for car trips and flights or you may not be able to visit your friends as often as you feex blog promo 3

3) Where Your Family Lives

Like with friends, most people love visiting their family. If they live far away, you probably won’t get to see them as often as you’d like. Living near family is a nice convenience when you need some help around the house or when you’re sick. Without family, you’ll have to rely on yourself or your nearby friends.

4) Where You Like The Weather

Weather can be brutal depending on where you retire. If you hate the heat and humidity and currently live in that climate, move! However, if you love never seeing snow on the ground, you might want to retire to a warmer climate. Now that you’re retired, hopefully you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, so make sure you enjoy the weather where you plan to retire.

5) Where The Cost Of Living Is Low

Is your retirement budget looking a bit tight? Do you live in a high cost of living area? A great way to free up some cash flow is to move to an area with a lower cost of living when you retire. While you may not get to live near friends and family, at least you’ll be able to live a lifestyle that is a bit more comfortable with the money you have.

6) Where Taxes Are Low

If you’re concerned about how much you’ll be paying in taxes every year, you might want to consider moving to an area with low overall taxes. Make sure to consider all of the taxes you might pay, including, but not limited to, the following:

• State income tax
• Property taxes
• Sales taxes
• City income tax

Some states have no income taxes but have higher sales taxes and property taxes to make up for it. Do your research!

7) Where There Are Many Free Things To Enjoy

Living where there are many free things to enjoy is a great way to save some money in retirement. Consider living where there are great parks and other free activities to keep you busy. Living near a college town may provide free, or at least cheap, activities like concerts to keep you entertained.

8) Where You Vacation

What better place to live than where you vacation every year! If you’ve found a spot you particularly like, you might want to consider moving there permanently. Just make sure you visit during all seasons of the year. A beach town might be busy in the summer but a ghost town in the winter.

9) Where You Can Roam The Country

Don’t want to be stuck in one place? Try living in an RV for your retirement. You can roam the country and stay as long or as short as you want. RVs can be cheap or expensive depending on how much space you want and how often you move from place to place. Just don’t forget to factor in gas and site fees for where you’ll park at night.

10) Nowhere At All

Finally, the last option is to retire nowhere. How can you do that? Simply never retire. If you get bored easily, you might want to consider a second career rather than retiring. You won’t have to decide where to retire if you start that second career. Instead, enjoy working a few years longer.

Hopefully these top 10 best places to retire gave you some good ideas. After all, who wants to move to a particular city just because it was listed as one of the top 10 best places to retire in a magazine? Instead, make the decision based on the factors that matter to you, not what matters to some panel that doesn’t even know you.

Lance Cothern
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  • Chuck Bolotin

    Lance writes a great article, replacing literals (actual places) with variables (things you should consider). After you’ve answered your “variables” and kept them in mind, it’s time to do your research.

    Where to live when you retire is a very interesting question. In the past, it was just assumed that retirement would be in the US. Why move anywhere else?

    Well, that’s changed quite a bit recently. The reasons include the increasing cost of living in the US, the decreased budget of many Baby Boomers in retirement, how many overseas locations have become much more attractive, and, oddly enough, healthcare. It used to be that access to quality, reasonably priced healthcare was a major reason to stay in the US. Now, its a major reason to consider places outside the US.

    Three of the places that are many times mentioned are Panama, Belize, and Nicaragua.

    Here’s a site on that topic that has great “no spin” information provided by expats:

    It has over 4,500 answers to questions about living in Panama, Belize or Nicaragua, doing business there, or just visiting:

    There’s also a location advisor that helps people determine the best place to move: as well as a section called Expat Stories: