How To Save Money When Shopping For Clothes

save money on clothes

How To Save Money When Shopping For Clothes

If you’re like me, you love shopping for clothes. In fact, I use to be quite the shopaholic. Shopping sprees to the mall and leaving with bag and bags of name-brand clothing were a common occurrence. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of my money on clothing and shoes and most of it went to waste.

Needless to say, I have no real reason to buy most of that stuff. My closet was already overflowing with clothes, some of them still with the tag on. I just liked to shop. Hence, before we talk how to save money when shopping for clothes, consider this your first rule of thumb: don’t buy anything you don’t need. You probably don’t need 10 white t-shirts or another pair of blue jeans.

When you actually do need to buy clothes, there are plenty of ways you can save some money. Clothing and shoes are expensive and they’re something you have to constantly replace after they wear out or when the weather changes. Here are my shopping tips & tricks that have helped me save:

Think quality over quantity

Wait – do you actually mean spend more on clothing? Yes! That’s exactly it. While I would normally recommend buying whatever is cheapest, clothing is the one exception to the rule. Always go for quality over quantity. It will last you much longer and you’ll get more wears out of it. For instance, I paid $5 for a t-shirt at Old Navy that had a hole in it after one wash. I bought a $20 t-shirt from J.Crew and am still wearing it after 20+ washes. As you can tell, I’m getting a lot more bang for my buck just by spending a little more on quality,

Shop at the end of the season

The best time to shop for clothing is at end of the season, when retailers will discount remaining inventory to make way for next season. You’ll find great deals and steals on items you probably would’ve bought just a couple weeks earlier at full price. To get the best deals, shop around December and June.

Browse in store, buy online

Retailers may dislike what they call ‘showrooming’ but for customers, it’s great. Often times, retailers will offer online only promotions and discounts. You can take a look at the product in store and if you like it, buy it online and enjoy the discount as well. Sometimes, to discourage this, the store may even match the promotional online price if you mention it to them. It’s worth asking!

Inquire about a discount

On the same note, it never hurts to inquire if the store has a promotion running. Many stores will offer discount to students, teachers, and the military but not promote it. I also find that department stores usually always have some kind of coupon running and many cashiers will be happy to share it with you if you ask. After all, many of them work on commissions and that means they get to make another sale.

Don’t buy just because of a deal

You can get into a lot of trouble just buying something because it’s on sale. I know I have. That’s how I ended up with 5 pairs of black pumps. Don’t buy something just because of a deal. Chances are you have a couple other things exactly like it already. Make use of what you already have instead of buying more.

Connie blogs about personal finance and her journey to financial independence as a 20-something over at Savvy With Saving. She works in the eCommerce industry and currently resides in New York City.