How much money do you lose on 401k fees? A lot! (video)

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  • How much money do you lose on 401k fees? A lot! (video)

    401k fees

    For anyone who wishes to find some free money, a great place to look for would be in his 401k lost fees. Whereas half…

  • You Can Compare Your Retirement Fees With Others – Here’s How

    feex insights compare

    We’re taking the opportunity on the blog today to let you know that you, FeeX user, are not alone. There’s…

  • Introducing the FeeX Feature That Lets You Try Before You Buy

    investment test drive laptop

    We love getting feedback from our users. And one piece of feedback we kept hearing was about the ability to…

  • Ringing in the New Year with FeeX

    feex new years

    2014 has come and gone, and we’re so happy we got to spend it with you! From our launch this spring…

  • FeeX on the Mint Blog!

    erik photo

    You can’t talk about online money management without mentioning, one of the first services to take advantage of the…

  • What is FeeX?

    FeeX is a tool that finds the fees in your retirement savings and shows you ways to reduce them. It’s…

  • Do Retirement Funds Need a Fee Warning Label?

    american progress infographic

    Center For American Progress just put out a very enlightening report on the problem of retirement fees. One of their…

  • FeeX Has Launched! And People Are Spreading the Word

    feex launch

    This Tuesday was no ordinary Tuesday—it was the first Tuesday of the rest of your lives. Why is that, you…

  • Why I Started FeeX

    I was always pretty good about paying my credit card bills, and I almost never carried a balance.  I had…

  • Hidden Fees Can Ruin Your Retirement

    According to a survey by the AARP, seven out of 10 Americans think that their 401(k) plan is free.  If…