Uri Levine, Waze co-founder, on Why He Started FeeX

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People tell their own stories on the fees they hate and how they managed to live without them.

  • Uri Levine, Waze co-founder, on Why He Started FeeX

    A Q&A with serial disruptor, entrepreneur and personal finance revolutionary Uri Levine. He is best known as co-founder of Waze,…

  • Are You Properly Insured?

    properly insured

    I know the title of this post may sound like a shameless plug to some random insurance broker but I…

  • 4 Ways to Save 50 Extra Bucks a Week

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    $50 might not sound like a lot of money. But what if you were to find room in your budget…

  • How a Tiny House Can Help You Retire Early

    Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rowdykittens/

    If you’ve been reading the FeeHacks blog, you might be interested in saving money, fiscal responsibility, retirement, and all those other…

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    One of my favorite things about being a financial writer is having the opportunity to help others better their personal…

  • My First Job – Pizza Restaurant Extraordinaire!

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    My very first job wasn’t a glorious job, but it taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I’ve carried…

  • Couponing: Not Into It

    against couponing

    There’s only one rule to successful daily dealing. Buy vouchers for deals that you will actually use. Otherwise, no matter…

  • What I’d Do if I Won the Lottery—Kali of Common Sense Millennial

    win lottery kali

    I don’t know how many times I’ve said,”until I win the lottery…” in the past week. No, I don’t normally…

  • The Online Tool That’s Helping Me Pay Off My Debt

    ready for zero feex

    I’ve been paying off student loan debt for seven years, but didn’t get really serious about it until I graduated…

  • The Best Money I Ever Spent

    apartment insurance

    To this day I still think the best money I’ve ever spent was on renters insurance. Renters insurance doesn’t sound…

  • My Retirement Plan

    my retirement plan 2

    If you follow my posts on FeeX, you know I talk a lot about retirement. Retirement is exciting to me…

  • My Financial Role Model: Lessons On Money & Saving From My Parents

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    I’ve come a long way in the past 2 years when it comes to comes to money and saving. But…

  • How to Continue Learning After College

    learning after college

    Throughout their college career, students sit through structured courses led by teachers who put together specific learning plans for their…

  • My Favorite Summer Indulgence

    summer indulgence

    I typically find it’s a lot easier to spend money in the summer. I’m outside as much as I possibly…

  • The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent

    best money ever spent

    Normally, I’m not a shoe girl. Normally, I would gladly spend my entire paycheck at Whole Foods or on a…

  • My Student Loans: How I’m Getting Out of $81,000 in Debt

    student loans 81k

    Student loans are a growing epidemic in this country. Student loans are now commonplace and becoming the norm for many…

  • My Inexpensive Hobby – Blogging

    inexpensive hobbies blogging

    I’m a big advocate of inexpensive hobbies, especially if you have debt you want to pay down or investment goals…

  • My Inexpensive Hobby – Running

    inexpensive hobby running

    It can be tough to find a balance between saving up your pennies for the future without depriving yourself of…

  • Don’t Be Afraid To…Talk About Money With Your Friends

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    Money is still a taboo topic for the most part. Most people would probably rather talk about sex, drugs, rock and…

  • What’s a Life Cycle Fund?

    life cycle

    I admit it. At my first job out of school, I looked through my 401(k) pamphlet, saw the Fidelity 2030…