How much money do you lose on 401k fees? A lot! (video)

401k fees

How much money do you lose on 401k fees? A lot! (video)

For anyone who wishes to find some free money, a great place to look for would be in his 401k lost fees.

Whereas half of the US investors believe that 401k investments are absolutely free of charge, the shocking fact is that almost every retirement account has fees. An average investor loses 1% annually on fees, meaning that for every $100k you saved you’ll pay $1,000 in fees, every year. Lowering your fees from 1% to 0.25% on those $100k will have tremendous effect on your balance in the course of 30 years.

The fees are hidden carefully, so try using online tools such as FeeX or contacting an adviser in order to find and reduce your fees.

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