15 Awesome Inexpensive Date Ideas

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15 Awesome Inexpensive Date Ideas

Dating can be really expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are just starting to date someone, or are in a long-term relationship, these inexpensive date ideas will keep the fun alive, without breaking the bank.

Check out these 15 inexpensive date ideas:

1. Explore the great outdoors: Explore nature together and go on a hike. Getting some fresh air, and getting your bodies moving is a great, frugal way to connect.

2. Go out for coffee: Enjoy some caffeinated goodness on a lazy Sunday. Savor each sip.

3. Build a fort: Remember when you were young and you used to build a fort in your living room? Well, I can tell you it is just as fun as an adult! Build a fort together, have a pillow fight, laugh, play, and enjoy the moment.

4. Attend a free lecture: Oftentimes libraries, universities, galleries, and parks have free lecture series. Find a topic that interests you and go together. You’ll leave with some nice conversation topics and learn more about each other.

5. Attend an art opening: Art walks are happening in many cities, and are totally free! Bonus: they usually have free wine and cheese.

6. Go on a bike ride: Get on your bike and explore! Biking together is fun and free!

7. Read poetry aloud: I know it sounds totally cheesy, but reading poetry aloud is so romantic and fun. Think about it; more often than not we are reading things on computers/phones these days and are missing the human element of voice.

8. Go on a picnic: Pick up some cheese, baguette, fruit, salami, and cookies. Head to your favorite park and people watch, enjoy the scenery, and some delicious snacks!

9. Get lost: Take public transportation to somewhere you’ve never been. Explore!

10. Take advantage of the parks and recreation system: Many parks have free concerts, activities, etc. Check out the community calendar to see what fun your local park has to offer.

11. Cook together: Try out a new recipe and cook together. Cooking is a great way to connect, be in the moment, and try something new that you can enjoy together!

12. Watch a movie at home: Go to the library and rent a movie, or try Netflix. You’ll save a ton of money watching movies at home, instead of going to high-priced theaters.

13. Go see a play on “preview” night: Many theaters have a “preview” night, in which you can see a professional production at a discounted price. Usually the preview night is a day or two before the official opening, so you’re not seeing a work-in-progress. Think of it this way; you can see it before anyone else!

14. Happy Hour: Many bars have great happy hour prices. Enjoy affordable drinks, nosh on good food, and get to know each other better.

15. Plan a photo shoot: Capture your love and the city you live in by planning a photo shoot. You don’t need a fancy camera. You can use your phone, or whatever you have. Take fun, serious, playful, and silly photos! You’ll be documenting your relationship, while exploring your surroundings, and having fun!

Remember: Love and romance shouldn’t be expensive. Forget what cultural norms tell you. Who cares what your friends think. Enjoy spending time together, because you can buy things but you can’t buy time.

What other inexpensive date ideas would you add to the list? 

Melanie blogs about breaking up with debt at DearDebt.com and invites others to write breakup letters to their debt as well. She’s accumulated a total of $81k in student loan debt between two degrees. Currently she puts more than 50% of her income towards debt, while living a frugal, fun life. Melanie enjoys travel, art, music, adventure, and of course, personal finance.
  • http://greatmate.com/blog/fancy-date-ideas-impress-girlfriend/ Kevin

    The best one here for me is the picnic. Always a good call and relatively easy to do. Keeps it nice and intimate as well, allowing you to build a deep bond with your date :)

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